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PHP Open Directory 1.0

Jun 15, 2004; Posted 07:02 pm EDT (11:02 GMT)

This is an open-source php script that fetches category and search information from the Open Directory and displays it on your website.

This script may be used as a stand-alone script or as a PHP-Nuke add-on.


  • Use as stand-alone script or php-nuke add-on
  • Easy customization of header and footer
  • Caches files to reduce system overhead and slowdowns.
  • Use SQL (php-nuke users only) for file caching.
  • View demo.

System requirements

  • PHP
  • mysql (if you are using php-nuke)
  • If you are using php-nuke, this script is designed to work with version 7.2. It may or may not function with other versions.


  • $10 donation or...
  • Free if you include the copyright notice and link back in script output.
Purchase here:

This software is released under the GNU-General Public License. If you do not agree to this license, you may not use this script. If you wish to remove the copyright notice from script output, you must purchase a commercial license.

Commercial license

A commercial license requires a donation of at least $10 per installation to be made through the donation link above. Once you have made your payment, please send us an email with the URL of your installation.

Benefits of commercial license

  • You get to remove all references to Plebius Press from script output.
  • You get all future upgrades without the need to purchase a new license.



Please direct all support requests to our Forums.


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